The Course of Study
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It is planned that study in the Ingrian Church will consist of a three-level system, which begins with basic preparation (confirmation school), continues with a course of study for active parishioners or those voluntarily carrying responsibility (the parish school or parish course of study), and finishes, for those desiring to bind up their life with service in the Church of Ingria, with professional preparation at the Theological Institute of the Church of Ingria.

In confirmation school, people study who desire to become members of their local parish. This type of study is the basic one in the Church of Ingria. The length of time of study in confirmation school is determined by the parish council, and instruction in confirmation school is provided by the pastor or people authorized for that purpose. The teaching must be carried out in accordance with a program established by the Synod Council. The instructor conducts lessons using the basic textbook of confirmation school – the Catechism, but may also use other study materials.

The parish school comprises the second step in receiving theological education for volunteer lay assistants. Active parishioners, who are ready for volunteer work in the parish or who desire to continue their study at the Theological Institute of the Ingrian Church, are accepted into the course. The theoretical portion of the course is conducted by correspondence, while the practical portion occurs in local or regional groups. In order to begin study in the parish school of the Ural Deanery, it is necessary to contact its workers, who consider the situation of each applicant individually. In order to register, use the services of the postal system, fax/telephone, or internet. For more detailed information, see the section “Registration.”

Those wishing to continue their study may receive professional theological education at the Theological Institute of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria.

:About The Parish School: :The Course of Study: :Materials: :The Yoshkar-Ola Parish: