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The primary material for the parish school was developed in 1999-2000 and tested out on a group of 12 people in the Yoshkar-Ola parish by Juha Valiaho.

The materials for the parish school may be divided into: preparatory material and study packet. The preparatory material consists of mini-Confirmation school materials, which each person should know before beginning or at the very beginning of the parish school. This material may be called an individual confirmation school, “Foundations of the Christian Faith – A Window into the Teaching of the Lutheran Church.” The study of these materials is very important for review and systematization of what was covered in Confirmation school. “Foundations of the Christian Faith – A Window into the Teaching of the Lutheran Church” was written for study by correspondence. After studying the lesson, it is necessary to answer in writing the questions at the end of the lesson.

Study Packet
The theoretical part of the parish school contains the full amount of study material conducted via correspondence. Problems are attached to the materials, which enable independent reflection and deepen one’s understanding of what has been read.

Subjects of the Theoretical Portion
• The Bible – the main book of Christianity. An introduction to the Old and New Testaments.
• The Gospel of Luke, the Acts of the Apostles, and the Letter to the Ephesians.
• Foundations of the Christian faith and Lutheran Confessions – a systematic point of view. The foundations of systematic theology and ethics.
• General history of the church with particular emphasis on the times of the New Testament and the Reformation.
• Knowledge of the Church, missionary work, other religions, and false doctrines.
• Pastoral care (spiritual care), marital and family relations.
• Worship life of the parish, the Church year, religious music.
• Speech of the Christian, evangelism, and conducting work in small groups.
• Parish organization, administration, and committees.
• Diaconal work, its Biblical foundations and practical applications.
• Sunday School, work with youth and children.
• Your place in the parish, call, and spiritual life.


:About The Parish School: :The Course of Study: :Materials: :The Yoshkar-Ola Parish: