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The parish school is the next level of study of the foundations of the Christian faith. After studying in confirmation school, it is possible to better one’s knowledge in the parish school. This school is not for everyone, but for the more active parishioners, who want not only to know more about Christianity but want to work actively in the Church. People who have completed the parish school may take upon themselves responsibility and carry out some work as volunteer helpers to the pastor or church leader. Spheres of activity of such volunteer helpers might be:
• work with children
• work with youth
• diaconal work
• other service



A trial course of the parish school

A trial course of the parish school was organized in the Yoshkar-Ola parish for 12 more active members. Then the parish school began to function for the parishes of the Ural Deanery. Today the workers of the parish school are also ready to receive students from other regions.

Those responsible for the given project are Pastor Juha Valiaho,, and for the practical portion, Ana Valiaho. The secretary for the parish school is Olga Mikhailovna Lebedeva .

Each student receives via letter or e-mail the study material (8-10 pages of text), in accordance with the lessons worked out. The student works independently with the material, answers questions, and completes homework. It is necessary to send the completed work to Yoshkar-Ola, where it is checked and the new lesson is immediately sent out. Every student of the parish school must work through about 40 topics. Study in the parish school also entails completion of practical work, which allows one not only to understand the studied lessons but also to put the knowledge into practice. Each participant must choose for himself a practical service project in his local parish. The one responsible for making that possible is the leader or caretaker of the local parish or religious group. The main accent for study in the parish school is on independent work, but for getting to know the material more closely, discussing certain questions, and completing practical training, three-day regional seminars are conducted.

:About The Parish School: :The Course of Study: :Materials: :The Yoshkar-Ola Parish: