Music and singing have always occupied an important place in the life of the church. Church music allows one to prepare for prayer, and the singing of hymns inspires the hearts of believers.

The honored artist of the Mari-El Republic, singer, composer, and performer, Michail Mosunov, has been a member of the Yoshkar-Ola Parish almost from its beginning, that is, from 1993.

Michail Mosunov
Michail was a participant in the Yurmal-87 Contest, as well as the television special, Song of Russia 96. In 2002, Michail Mosunov won grand prize at the Viktoria Festival. For many years now, he has brought joy with his songs not only to our parish, but also to other parishes of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria in Russia. Beginning in 2003, he is working with the missions committee of the Ingrian Church.


Michail Mosunovs first album was called, The Road, and he then came out with two more albums: Christ is Risen, and The Light. The songwriter-performer is currently working on new songs and is in need of sponsors for work on a new album. If you would like to offer financial support for the new album, or discuss the possibility of working with Michail Mosunov, please write to us.

Evangelism through Music and Preaching Gods Word

The musician in the gospel style, Michail Yurevich Mosunov, together with Deacon Sergey Yurevich Pershin, are developing a joint project, Evangelism through Music and Preaching Gods Word.

As their tasks, Michail and Sergey see:
1) Attracting people to God
2) Spiritual discussions and care
3) Spiritual support

Among the targets of their work may be:
1) Sovetskiy Private Boarding School (quarterly)
2) Volzhsk Private Boarding School (quarterly)
3) Novo-Troitskiy Colony for Minors (quarterly)
4) Rehabilitation Center for Drug Addicts (monthly, Yoshkar-Ola)
5) Hospital for Drug Addicts (monthly, Yoshkar-Ola)
6) Nursing Homes (distant ones, quarterly)
7) By invitation, religious groups of the Lutheran faith in the Ural Deanery

We turn to you, dear friends; if you see a need for this work and have the possibility to offer financial support for this project, write to us.

The Group SUKSO

The group Sukso (Translated from the Mari language Angel) was formed in February 2002 at the Lutheran Parish of Yoshkar-Ola. In the groups repertoire are religious songs and Finno-Ugric folk music. Sukso sings in Mari, Russian, Udmurt, and Finnish languages.

1) Nina Arkadyevna Pershina Director
2) Stanislav Leonidovich Artistic Director
3) Vasiliy Ivanovich Yakimov
4) Anna Gennadyevna Purtova
5) Ekaterina Erikovna Vasilyeva
6) Dmitriy Olegovich Larionov

In its short period of existence, the ensemble has performed in the program, My Angel, organized by the club, The Crossing. In 2003 the group took part in a religious concert of Finno-Ugric peoples. The ensemble adorns holidays celebrated at the Lutheran church in Yoshkar-Ola and surrounding parishes with its performances. These musicians have also been invited to the College of Culture, where they had the chance to perform their songs. Several times the ensemble has put on joint concerts with Michail Mosunov in the narcotics department of the Rehabilitation Center. The ensemble Sukso plans to perform in the other parishes of the Ural Deanery of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria. If you want to hear this musical group, write.