Diaconal work means service to your neighbor. It means offering help, both spiritually and materially. Attention, care this is what people need first and foremost. Our Church carries out a lot of diaconal work, affecting different categories of people. This includes both the elderly and children, the sick and feeble, those with problems, and those simply in need of attention and spiritual care.

Prayer meeting

For the elderly we conduct prayer hours on Tuesdays, where they enjoy fellowship amongst each other over a cup of tea and receive a small amount of assistance. On Tuesdays after this gathering, a mens group meets, led by Vasily Ivanovich Pogonin. The men pray for their and the churchs needs. From these men, a maintenance team has been formed, which in its work tries to maintain the churchs building and assists parishioners.

Every Friday all are invited to come to Bible study at building number 43 on October Street, where the fellowship is open. Any individuals who would like, come and participate in Bible readings, followed by a lunch. If needed, yard work and cleaning are done on the church property and we close with tea. On holidays we have a larger meal, and the food is prepared by the parishioners themselves.


On Sundays after the worship service, the womens group meets. Here they may learn about women of the Bible and about the life of women in other cities and countries. Conversation on difficult topics often grows into discussions. The womens meeting also includes a viewing of the series, Such is Life, presented by the organization service of the Lutheran Hour. A dish of the day is also prepared for the occasion, and it is possible not only to try this dish but also to receive the recipe for its preparation.

Those wishing to do handwork stay for the Martha Club, where it is possible to learn techniques for patchwork sewing, crocheting, and beadwork. Also planned: Vologodsky lace work, embroidery, and knitting.

On Sundays, Nina Arkadyevna Pershina conducts medical consultations for parishioners. Often the very old turn to her for help. In the parish, we also have a cardiologist, A. N. Kartsev, who also offers medical assistance. Nina Arkadyevna makes home visits to the elderly. Visiting the sick is one of the jobs of our diaconal helpers. As far as possible, the parish offers humanitarian aid in the form of clothing, shoes, etc. Offering material assistance in obtaining medicine and medical help is a special type of aid, which we try to offer those in need. In the Church, meetings are held with the sick and with families with many children. Special care is given to the elderly who are homebound and cannot visit the Church. They are in need of our help and our care. We try to help them care for their homes, do laundry, and of course we offer fellowship from which they are cut off.

It is our hope that the Lord will continue to give us strength to preach Jesus Christ not only in word but in deed to all who labor and are burdened.